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How to Create Killer Content for Your Blog

Create killer content for your business

Having a blog that is regularly updated should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. That much is assured in these modern times when your customers are always online and always searching for more information.

Inbound marketing—where you’re creating valuable and entertaining content on your blog—has become a staple.

However, creating a blog is one thing. Keeping the blog filled with great, attractive and intriguing content is another thing.

What is the best way forward? Clickbait has (thankfully!) largely gone out of style—and it wasn’t particularly great for your reputation anyways.

Visitors want to read or experience valuable information, and they will be looking for the best places to find it.

When they do find it, they’ll be more than willing to come back to it and even to share it with their friends, family and associates. And all those people can potentially become subscribers and buyers.

That’s why today we’ll look to see what the best ways are to create attractive content for your blog to drive traffic, increase conversions and boost your sales.

#1 Curate

You know what you like, and you are sure you know what your visitors like.

So instead of creating in-depth, original articles for your blog (which can take a lot of resources if it’s to be really valuable), why not curate some of the best already out there?

You can compile a list of, for example, the 33 best blog posts on on-site SEO optimization, if that’s what would interest your particular audience.

Or you can find the 17 most important books to read if you want to be a rockstar marketer in 2017.  Or, you can create fantastic expert roundups (like this one one team management) where you ask the smartest people in your industry their ideas on a specific topic.

These are all interesting, attractive and useful for your reader—and they won’t take up too much of your time.

#2 Interview

One amazing way to get interesting content for your blog is to ask questions of an interesting person (hopefully an influencer) in your niche, such as this interview with Neil Patel.

This is a great idea because that person will have in-depth but interesting answers to questions that your readers want to know.

For example, you can interview a leading SEO figure in your area (or a very knowledgeable friend) on the top 10 tips for new SEO agencies or bloggers.

Or you can interview a successful web designer on the best way to find work when you’re just starting out.

You may have covered these topics generally, but with such in-depth questions, you’ll get great content. Even better, all the interesting answers will come from the interviewee, and you just have to make sure to create some valuable questions.

#3 Open up your site to guest posts

Another great way to get attractive content for your blog is to open up your site to guest posting opportunities, such as this one.

As you are probably aware, guest posting is a great way to get your message across on someone else’s platform. Guest posting should be a part of your marketing and SEO strategy as well.

However, you can also use guest posting on your own site. You can either open it up to the entire internet by creating a “Write for us” or “Contribute” page. Or you can contact some smaller bloggers in your niche or related niches and offer them an opportunity to guest post.

This way, you can get great content effortlessly (by reading, rejecting and accepting amazing posts) by simply offering other bloggers access to your audience.

#4 Analysis

You don’t have to create anything in order to have attractive content for your blog. You can just go ahead and analyse something in your niche as a best-case or worst-case study.

If you are in the digital advertising industry, you can look at some great/horrible Facebook advertisements and analyze:

  • what those ads are doing right or wrong
  • why it’s a great or horrible example
  • what your audience can learn from these examples

Taking screenshots is an effortless venture, and writing it up doesn’t require you to do too much research (depending on how deep your analysis will be).

Hubspot has a great example of the best landing pages to emulate.

#5 Analyze your own successes or failures

Laslty, one other great thing you can do to get attractive content for your blog is to loko inward at your own growth and analyze that for your audience.

You can (as popular) look at how you were able to do X in Y months (for example, double your traffic in 30 days).

Alternatively, you can discuss your failures, such as how you lost 3 clients in 1 week because of something stupid you did.

It should be relatively easy to get images for this (without sharing too much confidential information about your business).  You can see Backlinko’s popular (and image-heavy) story of success as an example.

Analyzing it should take into account the same questions from the section above: what is right or wrong about this example, and what the audience can learn from it.

Many bloggers have done this to great success, and you can too.

Attractive content for your blog can be easy

Well, relatively easy. At least, it doesn’t have to be frustratingly difficult for you to get some great content. You can do that by simply thinking outside of the box.

Stop stressing too much about keywords for once, and sometimes just go with your intuition—or even what you think would be fun to do.

Blogs can lead to serious business, but it doesn’t have to be serious (dry) business all the time. It’s simply an opportunity for you to share your information (and your personality) to your audience.

With these five amazing ways to create attractive content for your blog, you’ll be able to really intrigue your audience, get new visitors, and eventually increase your sales.


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