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7 Types of Content for Your Business Blog

Types of content marketing formats

Creating valuable content establishes a positive relationship and keeps the consumer engaged. You need variety in your blog to keep things from getting too mundane and for people to come back for more.

Avoid sticking to one type of content for too long. Switch things up from time to time and you’ll see how much more beneficial it will be in generating site traffic.

Here are a few content types you can incorporate into your business blog. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content creation and see what best suits your style.


Key pieces of information extracted from the overall content reintroduced in a more visually friendly medium. Infographics can be useful by themselves or can be used to spruce up your already existing blog post.

Typically an infographic is a summary of large pieces of information represented with visual aids that help you better understand the topic at hand.


Everyone likes a good guide to walk them through a difficult situation. You will be the go-to blog that provides the knowledge people on the web are looking for.

Now before attempting to write guides, make sure you are providing honest, insightful information. You want to avoid creating a guide about topics you may know nothing about. Not only will you have the potential to lead the reader down the wrong path, your blog will also lose its integrity fast.

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Ebooks are an underutilized content strategy. It’s so easy to implement and offers a variety of benefits for your business. Think about how much content you already have created that’s scattered across the blog looking for new life. Put all the most crucial information into an ebook for your readers to enjoy.

All the inforgraphics and blog posts you have have lying around can be repurposed in an ebook. This way you have another channel to reach out to your consumer. An ebook can also serve you as a marketing tool that doesn’t feel like marketing.

Here is what I mean by that. Ebook can offer beneficial information to the reader, but it also gets your company’s name out there. Think of it as a supplemental marketing tool for your business.

Expert Knowledge

Reaching out to experts can lead you to generate tons of engaging content for your blog. Just the name alone implies that there is a fountain of knowledge waiting to be discovered on your site. Experts are exactly that – experts in their selected field. They probably know something you don’t. Yet.

Incorporate expert round-ups as part of your content. All you have to do is get in touch with some of the experts and see what they have to share with you. Ask questions that you want to know the answer to and post it. You won’t even have to spend your own time generating any new content. Just look at the information you received and decide if it works for you and your blog.

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Lists are all about offering a selection to the content reader. There are so many things you can create lists for that many people would find really useful. Not a lot of folks want to be browsing through multiple websites to find variety in their lives. You will have variety for them on a single page.

Think about all the choices that are available. Business conferences, website creation tools, business financing options, etc. The amount of lists you can make are virtually endless.

Just do a little bit of research, and present the individual with choices for any given topic.


Many of us have our purchasing habits guided by consumer reviews we find on the internet. Your blog can be a place that contains some of those critical reviews. Once you establish yourself as a reliable and relevant source of information, more people will choose to listen to your opinion.

There are plethora of things available for you to review. As a business owner, you might be traveling to conferences around the country. You can certainly opt in to review the ones you visit. Or your website hosting service. You can choose to review anything that is relevant to the theme of your blog.


It might be scary to put yourself out there like that but videos can be an engaging and entertaining source of content that will spice up your blog.

A video doesn’t have to be the highest production quality. Don’t think too much about it. As a business owner, you might want to give the viewer a sneak peak into how your operations work. Maybe consider incorporating the other forms of content we previously discussed in a video format.

Play around with this and see how you can make video content work best for you.


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