How does EvergreenFeed work?

Add Your Twitter Accounts

Simply add your Twitter accounts to your EvergreenFeed account. It takes two clicks and you're ready to go. You can add multiple Twitter accounts and manage them all within the same login.

Create Buckets & Fill Them With Tweets

You can categorize your content by creating content buckets. For example you could create the buckets quotes, blog posts and promotional posts. This helps to keep a clear and separated view of your content. Now you can add new Tweets to each of those buckets.

Schedule Your Buckets

Once your Twitter accounts are added to EvergreenFeed and you created your buckets you can add posting times based on buckets and Twitter accounts. You can select a day of the week and a specific time when you want to tweet. Then select the bucket from which you want to take a random Tweet. Lastly you can choose to which Twitter accounts you want to post the Tweet.

See Your Reach Exploding

Done! You can sit back and let EvergreenFeed take over your Twitter queue. You won't need to worry about remembering to post your old evergreen content as EvergreenFeed will do this from now on for you.