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EvergreenFeed Launch – Put your Twitter on Autopilot!

3, 2, 1, Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Finally, it’s done. We’ve officially launched the website and signup for EvergreenFeed earlier this week. After months of brainstorming, designing, developing and bug fixing we finally got to the point that we felt comfortable sharing our Twitter automation tool with you, the general public.

Why? – The Search

Back in 2016 our team for in search for a tool. A tool to automate our tweeting. Back then we used Buffer and it was a great tool at the beginning, however, the more we used it the harder it became to keep track of all our tweets.

You see, we’ve got a bunch of excellent content writers who produce plenty of amazing content for multiple websites and blogs. Most of our content isn’t time-sensitive and only really picks up readers once it is indexed by Google and shared on Twitter. In fact, a big chunk of our content is one, two or even three years old and still attracts hundreds and thousands of readers every month via Google, Bing and Twitter. It’s called evergreen content.

Introducing Evergreen Content

The best content to produce is so-called evergreen content. Since evergreen content is not time-sensitive it is all about the quality and length of  the content. The more in-depth, high quality and detailed the content is, the more likely the reader will enjoy and recommend it. This means higher rankings in Google, more shares on social media and in the end more readers.

The Problem – and Solution

Once you’ve produced a bunch of amazing evergreen content you are going to want to share it with people on Twitter. However, since the content is good for years to come you don’t want to share it manually on Twitter. You also don’t want to continuously re-buffer it on Buffer. We couldn’t find a good solution to this problem and therefore created EvergreenFeed.

How It Works

With EvergreenFeed you simply need to complete 3 steps in order to share your best evergreen content for years to come:

  1. Connect your Twitter profiles
  2. Create a content bucket and fill it with tweets
  3. Set up a schedule

1. Connect your Twitter profiles

It’s pretty straight-forward. Simply sign up for EvergreenFeed and log into your Twitter profile. Then press the connect button within EvergreenFeed. Done!

2. Create a content bucket and fill it

Now you want to create a content bucket. A bucket could be called “Quotes” and another one “Best blog content” and another one “Promotional tweets”. After creating the buckets simply fill them with the tweets you want to assign to each of those buckets/categories.

3. Set up a schedule

Lastly, you will need to set up a schedule. You can select any time (e.g. Mondays at 5pm) and select which bucket (e.g. Best blog content) should be tweeted to which Twitter profiles.

Once this is set up EvergreenFeed will randomly pick one tweet from the corresponding bucket at the scheduled date and time and tweet it for you. You will never again have to set up the buckets or schedules as your Twitter queue is now fully automated.

Whenever you’ve got new evergreen content you want to share simply log into your EvergreenFeed account and add it to a bucket.

Please don’t hesitate to sign up for free and contact us with your feedback!


Co-Founder of EvergreenFeed and in constant search to make life simpler and more automated.

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